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Provider Level CPR Certification

Notice to all CMAs (AAMA): Elimination of Current Provider Level CPR Certification The AAMA Certifying Board has determined that, beginning June 1, 2013, current, provider level CPR certification will not be required for recertification of the CMA (AAMA) credential.

The CPR certification requirement for recertification of the CMA (AAMA) credential began in January 2005. At that time only a few employers were requiring their employees to be CPR certified. Due to the increasing frequency of medical emergencies in medical offices and clinics, the Certifying Board considered this to be a safety issue and was forward thinking in requiring that CMAs (AAMA) maintain current, provider level CPR certification. Many, if not most, employers now require current CPR certification. Thus, the Certifying Board believes these safety concerns are being adequately addressed and current, provider level CPR certification is no longer a necessary component for CMA (AAMA) recertification. All CMAs (AAMA) whose certification will expire by or on May 31, 2013 are still required to provide proof of current, provider level CPR certification for certification purposes.

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