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Re-certification Credits

You need 60 CEU’s every 5 years. You must have 15 Administration, 15 Clinical, and 15 General CEU’s. The other 30 can be a mix of these. The bottom of your certification paper should tell you when you will need to renew for sure.

You can obtain CEU’s multiple ways. The easiest is to attend the meetings here is Sioux Falls. The Sioux Empire Chapter hosts meetings twice a year in Sioux Falls, usually for free or a minimal cost of $20. Each usually offers 4-5 CEU’s. The Northern Plains Chapter hosts a meeting in Aberdeen usually in the fall, usually 5-6 CEU’s. The State Convention is also a great way to obtain CEU’s. This will happen the first weekend of April this year.

My best advice is to become a AAMA member so that you get on the mailing list. The SDSMA mails out magnets with meetings for the year. Being a AAMA member also allows you to get a discount at the State Convention. You will also receive the CMA Today Magazine, which has CEU’s for a fee in them. You can also check our website for updates & like us on Facebook to get updates that way also.

By being a AAMA member, the AAMA will also track your CEU’s. If you are a non-member you must provide paperwork to the AAMA for your CEU’s. At least 50% of them must be AAMA approved or offered CEU’s. This is much more challenging and requires more work from you to get your CEU’s. It is much easier to be a member & have them track and maintain your CEU record.

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