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I am a recent graduate and would love any advice you can give about getting my foot in the door, so

I would get a couple of letters of recommendation from your instructors and your extern site. If possible, use your extern site as a reference for you. Many times it is about who you know, so if you can volunteer or have volunteered for events such as the Heart Walk or Kidney Walk, ask the people you volunteered with for references as well. Sometimes those people will know someone and help you get in for an interview. It is a crazy job market, so sometimes it is who you know that helps you get your foot in the door. Even taking a job that isn't exactly what you want will get your foot in the door to possibly transfer somewhere else later. There are other job opportunities out there as well such as phlebotomy, working in eye clinics, patient care techs, eye bank, etc. Sometimes the experience from working in other areas of the health field will show your versatility as well. Good luck with your job hunt. I am not sure what area you are at but we can try to post some positions as well as we get them in. *This request was sent to us via Facebook. Thank you for posting the question!

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